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Eris Online is a dark fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with an emphasis on massive sieges. The game-play focuses on political alliances, feudal conquest and open world Player vs Player (PvP).

Wars are entirely player-driven, and notable player characters could find themselves with much fame and influence over the game. Players have the freedom to play as they like – the leader of an independent merchant city state, a thief preying on the unaware, an assassin who kills for the thrill, a valiant knight who protects his homeland, a mercenary company captain who fights for money or a warlord set on world domination.

Everything happens in a dynamic, persistent and player-driven world. Players will experience the thrill of victory, the crushing despair of defeat, betrayal by friends, unexpected alliances borne from opportunity, political intrigue and bittersweet revenge. Actions have consequences – might makes right – bad behavior is likely to result in a war and the destruction of the player’s city which is the main path of progression and source of equipment and training.

Be careful of associations as an unpopular player with close ties may lead to another group of players aiming to destroy your kingdom.

Wars do not end with the destruction of cities and without a home a group of players may become bandits to exact revenge on their aggressors.